is like crossing the threshold of a fantastic fairytale world

Entering the ceramics shop Don Corleone in Taormina is like crossing the threshold of a fantastic fairytale world.
You will be surrounded by an incredible explosion of colours and the enigmatic ceramic faces that seem to stare at you asking you to hear their stories, will transport you to a different place.
The creator and founder of these works of art is Sicilian artist Antonio Forlin. From the onset of Don Corleone in 2004, Antonio decided not to copy the traditional Sicilian patterns but rather to reinterpret them, crating a perfect mix of the traditions, modernity, light and colours of Sicily.
Behind every creation there is always the person. The clay is moulded, loaded with his energy, worked and decorated by hand according to his mood and instinct of the day. This guarantees the uniqueness and exclusivity of each singular piece.
Welcome to my world…..

Don Corleone Ceramics


antonio forlin